We Offer Horse-Therapeutic Interaction Programs

for Children and Adults 

Mini Hooves Reading Program 

Tier 1- Our Mini Hooves Reading Program provides children to have the opportunity to have fun reading, discussing, understanding, or even creating vocabulary terms referring to social support, a sense of community, kindness, anti-bullying, hurtful words and actions, protecting themselves through instinct and safety, and then creating inspirational phrases to reflect what they have learned. 

Mini Hooves Kindness Challenge

Tier 2- Our Mini Hooves Kindness Challenge where Tier 1 graduates can implement what they have learned to Tier 1 into their daily lives. Research shows a habit is often formed after 18 days of continued action. By researching out to at least one person a day for 30 days and journaling their daily experience- via a written entry, a drawing, a photo, or a video- they are on their way to appreciating a lifestyle of kindness. 

From the Heart Team-building Activities

Tier 3- Our From the Heart Team-building Activity students will participate in various different teamwork activities with out miniature horses to understand the value of teamwork through kindness and consideration of another.

The Galloping To Greatness Program 

The Galloping to Greatness Program, created by the Hooves and Hearts team, is designed to teach participants they have what it takes to be great and how being  unkind is hurtful and harmful, even if it's unintentional. Through the unique partnership with horses, children learn growth and development. 

The Valor VIP Program 

The Valor VIP Program, created by Lisa Moad, is designed to help end bullying by building good character development. 

Nursing Home Teamwork Events 

Teams such as Wheelchair Teams and "From the Heart" exercises are a creative and fun event that can be customized to the need for each care center.