Our Team



Charm was foaled on April 29, 2019. Charm became a part of our family at 7 months old! Ever since then, she has and always will be our little princess. Charms favorite thing to do is to love and be loved on. We especially love her light blue eyes against her black and white coat.   


 Donna Carlomango- Founder, Executive Director 

Donna was born and raised in Southern California. In 1989 she passed the California State Board test to become a Certified Shorthand Reporter. She worked as a stenographer in federal count and depositions until 1998, when she then became an Official Certified Court Reporter in San Diego Superior Court, until retiring in 2018.  After working so many years in such a demanding profession, retirement was unfulfilling. It was when he husband, Paul, gave her two adorable miniature horses for her birthday in 2019 that she found her new passion. Paul said for years she always talked about having a ranch for children and elders and that she thoguht her believed just the smell of horses was healing. Donna always thought her husband was amazing. That's where the "Amazing" in Amazing Mini Miracles came from. 

Donna said she feels that bringing people and horses together is therapeutic, and she feels blessed to have this opportunity to make that happen. 

Her husband said they do not have a ranch, but he bought her a minivan so she can "take the ranch to them."

Carlen Haag- Board of Director and Development Director

Carlen is a true San Diego native. Her love for San Diego and the community which she lives, has led her to a life dedicated to making every day a little better than before. Growing up, Carlen regularly volunteered with local philanthropic organizations, and enjoyed spending her time helping others. She has finally decided to combine her passion and her skills to do something that really will make a difference.

For the past decade, Carlen has worked with local nonprofits sharing her expertise in leadership and program development, grant writing, and fundraising. It was here, Carlen realized how a positive influence and a dream can push a person to accomplish things they never thought possible. 

She has witnessed firsthand how volunteering can change a person's outlooking on life. It is her goal to be able to provide opportunity for all of San Diego community. 

In her spare time, Carlen is off to the races, literally with cars and horses. She can be found cheering on her favorite driver and rider, her children. Her son, Shane is proud to be a part of the Southwest Lightning Sprint inaugural season, while her daughter, Grace can be found riding horses on Fiesta Island or competing in shows in Valley Center, Ca. Outside of racing season, you will most likely find Carlen and her daughter Sydney stilling down Main Street USA, Disneyland. 


Melody Gillson- Board of Director and Accountant

Melody specializes in accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, sales taxes reporting, financial reporting, consulting and audit preparation for all types of industries including retail, manufacturing, medical, online, non-profits and advertising. Melody works with all size companies from sole proprietor to mid-sized corporations. She does not believe in a one size fits all strategy, but rather in working closely with each company to fulfill their specific needs. 

After earning a B.A. in business, Melody went on to open her own business in the Jet Ski industry as both a racer and a business owner. After retiring from racing, she went on to open two successful businesses while raising three children. She has been running her own bookkeeping firm for over 25 years. Melody is a member of the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers as well as a Quickbooks Certified ProAdvisor. 

 Maria Morgan- Board of Director

Maria's lifelong love of horses began at the early age of 4 with her first pony, though she had to wait until the age of 13 to finally have her own horse, when her inexperienced parents purchased a $400, barley trained large pony. Some good instruction, persistence and hard work enabled her to successfully ride and compete this pony in Hunter/Jumper shows as well as Dressage and Three Day Eventing. This opened doors for Maria to ride and train horses of all types and disciplines. 

Maria was not only trained here in San Diego, but also in Germany at the Hannoversche Reit und Fahrschule in Verden and in England at the Yorkshire Riding Centre in Markington, North Yorkshire. She returned to the US and started her own business training young horses and young riders. Her young students benefited greatly from the interaction with the horses, learning discipline, consistency, overcoming fears, and how to communicate, all excellent skills for adulthood. Some students went on to compere in horse shows successfully. Maria also rescued many young thoroughbreds that were injured or destined to be destroyed from the local racetracks, rehabilitating and finding new homes for them. 

As her children grew older, she started the photography company Captured Moment Photography, that specializes in capturing the exciting and artistic moments of horses in competition as well as unique equine art. Her company grew to include photographing World Cup Qualifiers and Internationally known competitors in several states as well as Make a Wish recipients who wanted to meet de a horse for the first time. 

She continues to ride and train her two young horses and care for two adults. Her teaching skills now have shifted from horsemanship to the business of photography, giving young adults fresh out of high school valuable skills, experience and encouragement while working for her in her photography business. 

She is excited to join the Amazing Mini Miracles group as she believes in the healing power of these wonderful little equines!

Charline Pinkel- Recreational Director

Born and raised in San Diego County, Charline Pinkel has been around horses since before she was born. Her mother was a 3 day Eventer and her grandmother was an Arabian breeder. Horses are in her blood. 

As she grew up, Charline got to ride her GRandmother's horses. but her parents wanted her to primarily focus on school and sports. In her later teens and early twenties, Charline got heavily involved in motocross and started racing. After multiple severe injuries and concussions, Charline gave up racing motocross and quickly got into racehorses, becoming an exercise rider at San Luis Rey Downs. She purchased her first horse of her own, an ex racehorse, at the age of 20. Since then, Thoroughbreds have been Charline's number one love. She has retrained multiple ex racehorses to be successful hunter/jumpers. She has trained with a variety of top trainers all ranging from 3* Eventers, Grand Prix Dressage riders, and 1.60 Show Jumpers. Her main focus is to ensure that her horses thoroughly enjoy their work and have fun while doing so.